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Sound the Honor~Honor the Sound

I've been a horn player for over 36 years and for the past 22 years I have sounded TAPS for over 4000 details. When I show up for a detail, I feel it's the last nicest thing that I can do for someone. These are the times when I feel my service is most pure. I don't do this to receive a pat on the back or even a thank you. I do it to serve. I'm personally grateful because it has given me a place to serve those who have served.

Sounding TAPS on a real horn, using my own breath.

This is the call, the call to follow others and to honor those who made all this happen. The Soldiers. As it was the American Soldier who always stood in the front line. I will always be the first of my nation to say Thank You.

My mission is to educate people on the significance and history of TAPS, why it is important to have a live Bugler.


TAPS- the music which leads a brave ones soul to eternity.

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 "It's a beautiful thing you do! Thank you for honoring the best!"    ~ Chris M.

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